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I will be honest and say that I am not Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s biggest fan in his role as our manager, but I am not prepared to sit back and allow an ex-Scouser and ex-City Blue to say what he said about Ole without responding in defence of Ole, a Manchester United Legend.

He also said that The Theatre of Dreams was The Theatre of Nightmares.

Who does “Didi” as he was known, think he is?  And when did he become a football commentator or pundit because up until today, I have never really heard from him (I am not on Twitter)?  I do recall him criticising Ronaldo for “showboating” against his country, Germany, in an international fixture.

I was livid with what he said about Ole, and I hope my fellow Reds, are too.

This half red/half blue is totally out of order.  What right does he have to talk about Ole, Manchester United or Old Trafford when he was never good enough to play for us?

Who is he?

Oh, I remember him now.  He won the Mickey Mouse Treble (FA Cup, League Cup and UEFA Cup) with Liverpool in season 2000-01, two years after Ole won the “Real” Treble with us in 1999.  Hamann joined Liverpool from FC Bayern Munich in the summer of 1999 and left them in 2006.  

In June 2006, Hamann actually signed a pre-contract to become a Bolton Wanderers player but then had a “change of heart” and was with Bolton Wanderers for less than a single day before he changed his mind and signed for Manchester City.  He played for the third best team in Manchester (United were Top Dogs and then they had their Reserve Team) from 2006-09, the pre-oil days, and won absolutely nothing with our neighbours.  What a difference he made.  Not!

His full name is Dietmar Johann Wolfgang Hamann.  The famous German composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s most famous composition is “Requiem,” and the story told in “Amadeus” isn’t true.  Mozart’s Requiem is still one of the most moving pieces in all of classical music. The fact that he wrote it on his deathbed and it had to be completed after he died only makes it that much more impressive.  Didi was far from impressive and he was most definitely not regarded as a classic player.

As far as I am concerned, Didi is a Dodo, he’s extinct in the history of the world’s biggest and most famous football club, MANCHESTER UNITED.

Auf Weidersehen Didi.

And in case you cannot recall your German roots, that mean’s Goodbye!

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