Dreadful Manchester United Routed at Home by Liverpool

Dreadful Manchester United Routed at Home by Liverpool

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had what many would call a career defining moment on Sunday for Manchester United at Old Trafford.  After winning by the skin of their teeth mid-week to Atalanta in the Champions League, Ole decided to stick to the same starting eleven. The same eleven that saw themselves down two goals by halftime vs Atalanta. No offense to Atalanta, but they are a far inferior team to Liverpool. To keep the same eleven players who showed minimal effort mid-week was baffling.

In hindsight, it didn’t really seem to matter who was on the pitch for Manchester United Sunday, everyone was dreadful. It’s one thing to lose but still see players putting in work and trying to follow what the coach wanted them to do. It’s totally different though when players look like they have no idea how to play as a team. With United it looks like Ole just tells them to go out there and have fun. With no specific instructions on how to attack the team they are playing. Everyone just goes out there and does their own thing. Liverpool was probably watching the game midweek and licking their lips.

Naby Keita Gets the Visitors Off to a Flying Start

Keita put Liverpool on the score sheet in just the 5th minute after some nice build up play with Mohammad Salah sees Manchester United cut open at the back. Keita was able to time his run with Salah’s pass and gets in on goal with only David De Gea to beat. United getting undone by quick, one and two touch passes was the theme all day. Liverpool’s smothering press worked wonders on a disjointed, out of sorts United back line.

I don’t know what has happened to Harry Maguire but he looks as if he has never defended before in his life. Maybe Maguire was brought back to fast from injury by Ole and he just isnt fit but either way he looks like a real liability at the back.

Diego Jota Gets a Second for Liverpool

In the 13th minute Trent Alexander-Arnold comes tearing down Uniteds left and hits low cross that goes across the face of Uniteds goal. Jota comes sliding in to get LIverpool’s second goal. United’s defence was left ball watching with no one picking up Jota at the back post.

Salaha Gets Two in the First Half

Salah, who was by far the best player on the pitch today, was involved in just about every good attacking threat Liverpool had. In the 38th minute Salah gets his first goal to make it 3-0 in the first half.  Kieta, on United’s left again, hits a low ball across United’s goal. The Egyptian leaves United’s defence in the dust and flicks the ball in past De Gea.

In stoppage time of the first half Salah gets his brace.  Liverpool cut Uniteds defence open like butter with defenders left ball watching.  Jota hits a ball into the right side of United’s box where Salah is left open.  With only De Gea to beat again he cooly slides it under De Gea and Liverpool are in dreamland.

Second Half

This is the first time United have been behind by four goals in the Premier League, ever.  If that isn’t enough for a sacking I don’t know what is.  Ole makes a single change at half time putting Paul Pogba on for Mason Greenwood.  I guess he liked what he saw from the rest of the team because United picked up right where they left off in the second half.  

Salah Gets His Hat Trick

Pogba gets his pocket picked at mid field allowing Jordan Henderson to take the ball into Manchester United’s half.  The England international hits a lovely outside of the right foot pass that splits United’s defence. Salah is able to get behind Luke Shaw and takes the pass and scores past a helpless De Gea. 5-0 to Liverpool.

Pogba Gets his Marching Orders

In the 60th minute Pogba, who is already on a yellow, makes a terrible two footed challenge on Kieta.  The ref, Anthony Taylor, is called over to the monitor by VAR to have a look and subsequently sends the Frenchman off to have an early shower.  That just about summed up United’s day.  Liverpool took the rest of the match off and coasted to a 5-0 victory at Old Trafford.  


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