Die Another Day

Die Another Day

Written by John White for Manchester United Did You Know That

Apparently the news coming out of Old Trafford is that The Glazers are willing to give Ole the time to put the wrongs against Liverpool right.


Does this mean he has been guaranteed his job for the next two seasons because in all honesty, I cannot see Ole turning things around at Old Trafford regardless of the amount of time he is given as manager.

And, in all honesty.  Do you?

Ole’s position as our manager surely has to be at the untenable position.  I absolutely love Ole as a former player but, as much as it hurts me to say it, he just doesn’t have the full CV to cope with managing the biggest football club in world football.  Do you?  Let’s be honest about it and forget, just for a moment, that he put the ball in the German’s net, and remember his tenure in charge of Cardiff City!

When Matt Busby stepped down as the manager of Manchester United at the end of the 1968-69 season, after serving 24 years in the Old Trafford Hot Seat, the club appointed a former player to succeed him.  However, Wilf McGuinness failed to follow in the footsteps of Busby and was sacked on 29 December 1970.  Ole has been in charge longer than Wilf, who like our former Baby Faced Assassin, never won a trophy as manager of the club.

Wilf was born on 25 October 1937.  When he was appointed manager of the club two of his players were older than him.  Bobby Charlton, was older than him by two weeks, but Bill Foulkes was five years his manager’s senior.  Denis Law was three years younger than Wilf whilst George Best was still in Primary School (aged 9) when McGuinness made his debut for the club as a Busby Babe on 8 October 1955.  It was a recipe for disaster.

When Sir Matt Busby stepped down why on earth did the Board of Directors at Old Trafford not make Charlton our Player/Manager.  I was six years old at the time, but for me, it was a total no brainier.  A one club man whose heart, soul and entire body belonged to Manchester United.  Bobby was 31 years old but even he would admit that the best years of his playing career were behind him.  Indeed, he retired at the end of the 1972-73 season, before making a comeback as the Player//Manager of Preston North End such was his love for the game.  And, let’s face it, our 1966 Fifa World Cup winner, and our captain in the 1968 European Cup final win over SL Benfica, a survivor of the 1958 Munich Air Disaster, had better credentials to be the manager of Manchester United, than our Norwegian Legend.

I really feel for Ole.  I truly do.  But, I don’t want to hear fellow Reds say to me: “He was a fantastic player for us.  A great goal scorer.  The player who won us the Treble.  A United Legend.  But, he was a failure as our manager and should have realised the job was just too big for him.”  Trust me.  These words will be repeated if Ole steps down or is sacked.

I DO NOT, NEVER HAVE, wanted Ole to be sacked.  I was devastated when Tommy Docherty was sacked in 1977, but then again what did a 14-year old Belfast Boy know about the politics of the Manchester United Boardroom.  I was never a Dave Sexton fan.  Big Ron excited me.  I was at both FA Cup finals but missed our loss to Liverpool in the 1983 League Cup final.  Thank you, Mr Bo Jangles. THE BOSS - SIR ALEX FERGUSON - no commentary is necessary.  David Moyes - Nil Points from my voting.  Louis van Gaal - Manchester United were just too big for you.  Jose Mourinho - the only Special One in English Football is Manchester United.



For the sake of your memory, your history, how you made me feel when you scored for us, for the fans’ sake and more importantly, for your own sake, wake up, smell the coffee, and tender your resignation as the manager of Manchester United.

Sir Alex Ferguson always said that NO ONE PLAYER IS BIGGER THAN THE CLUB.

You know what?  This applies to Managers as well.

Ole, our Club is bigger than you, and if you agreed with me, then you will step down because in my opinion, you have taken us as far as you can, but recently, you are just stuck in reverse gear.


But, please, DO NOT cling on to your position and tarnish your admiration with us, who LOVE YOU.

It is time for you to go because, ultimately, in terms of your position as our manager, you will Die Another Day.

Take Care.

You are a Manchester United Legend and ALWAYS will be.

Today, you did not lose your position as our manager.  But, trust me, there is another day when this will happen.  And, forgive me for saying this, but it is not very far away unless you have a sack full of Black Cats.


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