United Draw Atletico; Fascinating Match Set After Re-Draw

United Draw Atletico; Fascinating Match Set After Re-Draw

Manchester United drew Atletico Madrid in the first round of the knockout stages on Monday. An error involving United occurred in the first draw, causing the re-draw.

During the first draw United were drawn Villarreal, but because they played in the group they are not allowed to compete against each other in the first knockout round. Balls were not placed back correctly, the draw continued and UEFA eventually decided on a re-draw.

United might be a little lucky. On the first draw they were paired up with PSG, a team that has had made the Champions League a top priority and probably favorites even before Lionel Messi signed.

But, the error’s were egregious.

United’s Opponent Quick Preview

The La Liga champions are a tough out for any team. Atletico were knocked out by eventual champions Chelsea in their last UCL campaign, but defeated Liverpool two seasons prior, just before the COVID lockdowns.

Atletico this season have started a little slow and were easily beat at the weekend to city rivals Real Madrid 2-0. Two early goals in the first and second half and a good performance by Courtois all but put an to any talk of them defending their title away at the moment.

Atletico sit in fourth and are 13 points behind Real, so Diego Simeone might shift his eggs to the UCL basket. Before they face United in February they have some important matches with league rivals that are fighting for top four.

They also have some fairly easy matches as well like Man Utd and could be coming to the UCL tie inform.

Atletico will host the first tie February 15th.


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