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    • Norwhich fired their manager after a win. I think they would have fired Ole already if they wanted too. It is a weird situation because of the precedent they set with other managers like Van Gaal and Mourinho.

      Ole will stick by his staff too, they all go down together in my opinion. Someone new will want their guys.

      Are you Ole out?

      • Yeah I do agree although I’d love to see McKenna getting a good role below a real top manager. He has potential to go far.

    • I have heard good things about him, Phelan also under Sir Alex, good coach. I liked Carrick as a player, really underrated. Somethings wrong tactically though. Sometimes in sports a manager or a head coach on the hot seat might switch it up with his staff. The manager is part of the staff too obviously.

      I kind of appreciate them for giving Ole a chance, but he hasn’t won anything. It sends mixed messages, because there is suppose to be high standards.

      I felt at the time, Chelsea did Frank Lampard dirty, but it worked out for them.

      • I sometimes wonder with McKenna being so young do the appreciate what he brings?

        And I also think the bird are scared to sack him, we all know he needs to go but there is fans that will jump on the band wagon and take Oles side of and when he is sacked and use it against the glazers for sacking a “legend.”

      • For sure, also if you are a new player coming in and you are world class. You would probably say, “who is this guy?” Maybe not take him seriously. I would like to see him in the lower leagues, get some experience. Maybe more hands on with the youth. The youth teams have been spotty this season. He was a youth coach.

        I agree, people will always be unhappy. I think the vast majority of people want him out. It could get as bad as Arsenal when they wanted Wenger out.

      • Jesus I hope it doesn’t get that bad but I do think you’re right to a certain extent. The only way it will get worse if matches are boycotted for me that’s not an option I’d rather see Old Trafford packed full.

      • Hahaha they (Arsenal) got pretty crazy over it didn’t they? I think there is a protest this upcoming weekend, specifically for the Glazers. A while before they play again at Old Trafford, but the fans looked dejected while leaving the stadium, saw some vids.

        I agree, no boycotts, too many people want to watch a game at Old Trafford for that to happen.

        If they somehow muck up Champions League, there is no way the keep Ole, in my opinion.

        Realistically, even at home, the games against City and Liverpool were always going to be losses. I thought they would fight harder though.

  1. Very good book about a real fans supporting Manchester United threw the trouble years a very good read 👏👏

  2. Great perspective of a Man Utd fan during the troubles in Northern Ireland. During the glorious 26 year reign of Sir Alex was escapism during turbulent years growing up in Belfast. Great read well done.. 👏👏👏

  3. very good read and well put together. A knowledgable insight into johns early days in belfast and his love of manchester United.There is no greater person on this planet that has done more for Manchester United than sir Alex.Johns acknowldgement of that and his love for Utd stands out in extraxt from his book. cant wait to read the book itself.

  4. Despite all the media focus on the fallout between Roy Keane and Sir Alex, John White shows that there was a lot of respect from the gaffer for his midfield general. Recommended by Bryan Robson, Sir Alex made the right decision at the right time.

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