Edison Cavani is reported to leave Manchester United this summer ending 14 year European career

According to Ole, not the manager, but an Argentinian news outlet, the news outlet is reporting that Edison Cavani has decided to join Argentine powerhouse Boca Juniors this summer.

Edison Cavani has a one year contract with Manchester United and it was reported in February that the clubs were negotiating a possible extension for one more season.

The Uruguayan has had his eye on the legendary South American club for some time, dreaming of playing for Boca Juniors since a child.

Manchester United do have an option to trigger an extension for one more season, but this could be decent news for United from a business standpoint.

United pay Cavani a whooping €200,000 a week salary. Extremely steep for an older, often injured and back up striker. United could use someone like Cavani, a bigger, experienced and clinical striker to replace him.

Given the current financial situations of all clubs, letting Cavani walk this summer might not be a bad situation, it could be a positive. 

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